Along the road that most contributed to the creation of Europe

To begin from 1985, while resident in England, I started the systematic exploration of the ancient route from England to Rome recorded by Sigeric, a Saxon archbishop of Canterbury of the late 10th century. This itinerary was known in Italy as “La Via Francigena” or “Via Romea Francigena” which means “The road to Rome that comes from France”. I retraced the entire route, I charted accurately according to my best judgement, and published a book from which this material derives. After 10 years from the publication of the book I have decided to repossess all the rights of the work and offer it as a free gift to all travellers of the greatest and by far the most important itinerary in the history of Europe.


Giovanni Caselli, January 2001

La Via Francigena, almost exactly 1000 miles long, crosses four countries: