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auge017.gifReassessing the Middle Ages

auge017.gif The Nile

auge017.gifMarie Louise Berneri and Simone Weil

auge017.gifLa razza umana

auge017.gifLetter from Scotland Yard

auge017.gifSocialismo italiano

auge017.gifReflections on European History

auge017.gifThe Atlas of Nowhere

auge017.gifThe Leisure Class

auge017.gifLa scoperta della Via Tirrenica

auge017.gifPeasant Huts in Tuscany

auge017.gifLa Treggia

auge017.gifPatrimonio Materiale e Immateriale

auge017.gifThe Origins of the Renaissance

auge017.gifIl Sasso del Regio

auge017.gifLa Via di Stade

auge017.gifLe leggi di Mussolini

auge017.gifLa Via della Seta e del Sapere

auge017.gifCan there be peace without war?

auge017.gifContributo dell'Irlanda alla CiviltÓ Cattolica

auge017.gifLinee guida per una metodologica di base nello studio della viabilitÓ




Here you will find my published or unpublished essays, pamphlets, articles, aphorisms, and interviews covering all kinds of issues. Just look at the list on the left and click on the text of your choice. If you wish to know more or expand on any of the issue, or view high resolution artwork, please, e-mail me.


The picture above was taken at Sangodenzo in 1972 during my fieldwork on the "treggia" and it portrays Alfredo Cellini proudly showing his new "cibea". This and many other similar portraits of peasants are available as signed prints.

Il socialista anticlericale George Orwell, terrore dei fascisti e dei comunisti. Il suo nome Ŕ divenuto pronunciabile in Italia soltanto nel 1990, dopo la caduta di ogni speranza in una dittatura stalinista.


At a time when the whole world seems to enter a new Dark Age of general decay and pervading ignorance, it is worth remembering the premises upon which "The Economist", one of the most enlightened news magazines in existence, was first published:

to take part in "a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthly, timid ignorance obstructing our progress"